The Greek SeaShore: A Field Guide To Coastal Invertebrates 

Alistair Economakis is a professional in Marine Biology and Environmental Science with numerous publications and career achievements.

Alistair Economakis Marine Life

Alistair Economakis publications

Throughout his career, Alistair Economakis has authored and co-authored a handful of works related to the fields of biology, oceanography and marine biology, specifically on the coast of Greece. His works largely cover topics related to marine life and coastal invertebrates. Find his major publications listed below:

  • The Impacts of Behavior and Individual Variation on Resource Utilization Patterns in Fishes
  • Coastal Fishes of Greece (Co-Author with Ioannis E. Batjakas)
  • Aggregations of Grey Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus Amblyrhynchos, and water temperature at Johnston Atoll, Mid Pacific Ocean 
  • The Greek Seashore: A Field Guide To Coastal Invertebrates (Co-Author with Ioannis E. Batjakas)

Greek SeashoreAlistair Economakis Greek Seashore

Published in 2002, The Greek Seashore is a go-to guide for tourists, fishermen, divers, and others interested in nature and the environment. It is a scientific resource covering all types of marine invertebrates found in the coastal waters of Greece and the Greek seashore. The book covers over 80 species and genera that represent a total of eleven phyla. Within the book, you will find a complete set of resources including detailed and colorful photos and drawings as well as unique profiles for a variety of crabs, shells, sea anemones, corals, sponges, and other marine organisms. 

This book, co-authored by Alistair Economakis and Ioannis E. Batjakas can be found on Google Books, WorldCat, online libraries, and libraries across the globe. Begin learning about the fascinating marine life throughout the Greek Seashore today with this reliable resource guide. 

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